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Outdoor Learning is a leading provider of innovative management development programs for colleges and management institutes. With a strong focus on high-impact adventure-based experiential learning, we prepare future smart managers for the dynamic global business landscape.

In today’s globalized world, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. Our programs bridge the gap between academic campuses and corporate expectations, equipping upcoming managers with the skills and mindset needed for quality decision-making and innovative problem-solving.

We work closely with numerous colleges and management institutions, tailoring experiential adventure-based activities to final-year students. These unique programs not only enhance individual skills and insights but also prepare executives for world-class business opportunities, fostering career growth, and enabling the implementation of cutting-edge management strategies. At Outdoor Learning, we empower the next generation of leaders to thrive in the ever-evolving professional and personal environments.

  1. Potential to Performance
  2. Passion to win
  3. Time Management
  4. Managerial Leadership 
  5. Campus to Corporate
  6. Leadership Development
  7. Special Women’s Empowerment
  8. Lifesaving Quality (Self Defense, Fire Fighting, First-Aid)
  9. Disaster Management
  10. Industrial Visit
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Founded by Dr. Kishore Dogra in the year 1996, since then Adventure 1 Zone is your Activity Partner providing 100% Safety and Quality to all our visitors. So dont wait come and experience the difference with us.

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