About Dr. Kishore Dogra (PhD) – Founder of Adventure 1 Zone

Dr. Kishore Dogra, a dynamic individual and a prominent figure in the adventure and wellness industry. He is the Founder & CEO of the Mumbai-based company ADVENTURE 1 ZONE since 1996.

His unwavering focus lies in connecting people with the Law of Nature through a wide spectrum of activities encompassing LAND, AIR, and WATER, creating a platform for outdoor experiential learning through adventure. 

Dr. Dogra’s academic prowess is evident through his two distinguished doctorate degrees. He holds a PhD in alternative medicine from Trinity UK, with a research focus on femur fractures, and another in Sports Exercise & Nutrition from the USA, where he explored the effects of short-term exercise and the Indian diet on physical proficiency in adventure camps.

His commitment to safety is underscored by his certification in Risk Management for Outdoor Programs from Viristar. Further showcasing his dedication, Dr. Dogra earned an MBA in Sales & Strategy from IIM – Indore.

Dr. Dogra’s contributions extend to his role as the Safety Director for the Adventure Outdoor Training Academy (AOTA). His diverse talents include being an Ace Mountaineer, a Sensei Martial Artist 4th Degree who represented India in International MMA Cage Fights as a Professional MMA Fighter, a skilled rider, and a former Body Building Runner-Up. He’s also achieved the status of an All-India National Level Champion in Martial Arts, an accomplished stuntman, a certified fitness trainer, and a yoga teacher.

His expertise is sought after as a consultant for setting up Adventure Activities for entities such as the Indian Armed Forces, NDRF, Forest Department, MTDC, various 5-star Hotels, Resorts, and Private Properties. Dr. Dogra’s artistic pursuits include acting in India’s first mixed martial arts movie, “Hathapayi,” and his involvement in numerous TV reality shows. He has also taken on the role of Action Guidance for War Fight Scenes in a movie based on reality.

Beyond academia and business, Dr. Dogra’s bravery and humanitarian spirit shine brightly. He has been recognized with the Gold Medal of the Presidential Champion Award from former U.S. President George W. Bush, as well as a Bravery Award from Late Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh of Maharashtra, honoring his heroism in saving the lives of 30 individuals.

Dr. Kishore Dogra’s extraordinary journey embodies a commitment to adventure, safety, and excellence, making him an inspiration to all.


Founded by Dr. Kishore Dogra in the year 1996, since then Adventure 1 Zone & Buildcon is your Activity Partner providing 100% Safety and Quality to all our visitors. So don’t wait come and experience the difference with us.

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