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The Adventure Outdoor Training Academy (AOTA) Certification Program is the perfect blend of experience for those interested in beginning a career in experiential or adventure-based education and for those keen to develop the required skills to become a talented or expeditionary Instructor. It is also a perfect complement for teachers or other educators who have already begun their careers but are looking for some new and powerful tools to work with students in outdoor settings.


The Outdoor Education Certificate is also an avenue for professional outdoor educators to upgrade their skills, as employers require outdoor leaders to be increasingly updated and well qualified.
Adventure Outdoor Training Academy certificate program combines seminars on outdoor education with excursions and trips for the practical experience an outdoor educator needs. The certificate is taught by professional’s team from Army, Navy, Air Force personnel with years of field experience and industry standard certifications, who are up-to-date on the latest knowledge, trends and gear.

The program group sizes of no more than 20 participants, puts you at the front of the class with our expert Instructors and Facilitators where you will get one-on-one attention, helpful feedback and mentorship.


With decades of experience in the field, we know that the most talented Outdoor Experts are not fictitious by the acquisition of technical skills alone. The AOTA experience, regardless of the package you choose, strikes a powerful balance between mentoring high-level technical skills and teaching the foundational skills of program facilitation. Both are essential to develop as a complete Outdoor Educator.
At Adventure1Zone, hire talented Instructors with deep knowledge and experience of the outdoor adventure activities. They hold the highest business standard certifications; have vast teaching experience and deep log books.

The Adventure Outdoor Academy experts are known for teaching and traveling in the rough country and have been selected not only for their significant skill and facilitation but also for their fortune of unique life experiences that makes it interesting, approachable towards individual. They are passionate experts teaching what they love to teach with high energy and excitement.