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Welcome to Adventure 1 Zone

 A Camp Site with Fun and Experiential Learning!


Adventure1Zone is an Indian conglomerate headquartered in Thane, Maharashtra, India. It encompasses Outdoor Learning, Outdoor Holidays, Adventure and Outdoor Training Academy (AOTA) & Adventure Build-Con. Adventure1Zone was founded in 1996 by Mr. Kishore Dogra, It has operations at PAN India level & Abroad.
Our Expertise & Motto: In the experiential learning arena, Outdoor Learning is known for its –

  • Assurance of 100% safety.
  • Unique style of facilitation – linking realizations to performance enhancement
  • Emphasis on delivering more than what is committed.
  • Ensuring ‘0’ gap between Organization’s objectives and A1Z’s deliverables.
  •  Inherent Fun Element.

Why choose us?

Mr. Kishore Dogra

Kishor K Dogra with his profound interest and passion in Outdoor Adventure decided to incubate Adventure1Zone camp in 2007 with his professional expertise focusing on Law Of Nature – LAND, AIR & WATER activities.


Professional Team

Mr. Kishore Dogra and is team are professional & certified experts in handling / conducting outdoor & adventure activities. The team consist of male and female instructors and experts available on site.

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Near Mumbai

Encampment is very close to Mumbai located at Vangani. The site is 85 km from CST station, 50 km from Thane & 115 km from Pune. There are many nearby attractions.


Innovative Activities

The activities are design and defined by Mr. Dogra personally, He take utmost care about safety hence all activities are performed by the expert first and then executed by outdoor experts.


Complete Facilities

Over 8 Acres of Land Area we have Land, Air and Water activities. Variety of Accomodations, Medical Doctor,Qualified Experts and Instructors, Qualified Facilitator, Conduct OBT activity and many more...


Corporate Social Responsibility

Pioneer in introducing adventure / Mountaineering activities as a tool of self development, team building exercises in all parts of Maharashtra and made the rural youths capable to handle / organize and lead Himalayan Expeditions.


We have diversified, now we are also specialists in these 3 zones

Outdoor Learning

The Outdoor Learning is perceived to be India’s leading Professional Expert in Outdoor Activities. Outdoor Learning is a professional experts focusing in ‘Learning with a Difference’. We have dedicated ourselves in evolving the unique concept of “Experiential Learning”. Our methodology are based on LAW of nature – Land, Air & Water. We achieve organizational outcome through LAW with an impactful power pack Experiential Learning without disturbing the ecological aspect of environment.


Adventure Outdoor Learning Academy is the one of the leading professional which provides Outdoor Experts Certification. It create a pool of outdoor experts for the adventure and outdoor organization and bridge the gap between the organization and individual looking for career in outdoor event management.

Adventure Built Con

Adventure Build-Con is an professional expert who develop camp site for Adventure Sports, Resort, Society and Institution (School/Colleges) with proper technical attributes imbibe with security and safety.